About Us

Texas Gulf Coast Regional Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (TGCRVOAD) serves the people of Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris, Liberty, Matagorda, Montgomery, Walker, Waller, and Wharton counties. TGCRVOAD recognizes that all sectors of society must work together to foster self-reliant communities. We work with voluntary organizations before, during, and after a disaster so that together we can provide coordinated services, reducing unnecessary and duplicative efforts. TGCRVOAD facilitates partnerships between local, regional, state, and federal governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), for-profit corporations, foundations, and educational institutions. Our members represent a powerful force of goodwill with leaders who lay the groundwork to make communities more resilient, delivering hope for a brighter future. TGCRVOAD’s target audience is disaster response and recovery organizations and strives to achieve effective resource coordination of money, materials, and human resources. Our members are voluntary and nonprofit organizations, and community-based groups. Our partners are government agencies.


The mission of the TGCRVOAD is to improve outcomes for people affected by disasters; build community strength and resilience; promote collaboration and communication; increase equity services within all communities, enhance future response strategies, and facilitate an agile and effective response to human needs arising from disasters.


The purpose of TGCRVOAD is to bring together voluntary organizations active in disaster services to foster a more efficient, effective, and streamlined response to people affected by a disaster.

Executive Committee

  • Gary Flaharty, Chair
  • Rashmi Singh, Vice-Chair
  • Sonya Meyers, Secretary
  • Wayne Beaumier, Treasurer
  • Morgan Zeringue, Membership and Engagemenr Committee Chair
  • Gary Flaharty, Communications Committee Chair
  • Amanda Grolller, Education and Training Committee Chair
  • Sarah Malcolm, Individual, Family and Community Resources Chair
  • Debbie Allensworth, Operational Coordination Committee Chair

Steering Committee

  • Gary Flaharty, Chair
  • OPEN, Vice-Chair
  • Sonya Meyers, Secretary
  • Wayne Beaumier, Treasurer
  • Morgan Zeringue, Membership and Engagemenr Committee Chair
  • OPEN, Communications Committee Chair
  • Brooke Campbell, Education and Training Committee Chair
  • OPEN, Individual, Family and Community Resources Chair
  • OPEN, Operational Coordination Committee Chair
  • Glenda Kizzee , At-Large Member
  • Elena White, At-Large Member
  • Erica Banks, At-Large Memberr
  • John Fleming, At-Large Member
  • Andi Cook, At-Large Memberr
  • Trevor Barnett, At-Large Member
  • Godfrey Hubert, At-Large Member
  • Stephanie Wright, At Large Partner
  • Kristina Clark, At Large Partner