Consensus of Engagement

As a Member or Partner of the TGCRVOAD:

We recognize that no single organization has all the answers for all the challenges that arise during disasters.

We recognize that by working together, acting as partners, and learning from each other, we can more effectively respond to a disaster and help rebuild a community.

We will foster a climate of cooperation between all TGCRVOAD Members, Partners, and government.

We seek to match TGCRVOAD resources and services to needs by recognizing the strengths and assets of each Member and Partner organization. \

We strive to coordinate our responses and provide effective service to the impacted community rather than working competitively,

We will engage in regular information sharing about capacities, accomplishments, and commitments.

We will listen to each other and maintain open channels of communication dealing with our concerns.

We will work to form strategic partnerships and establish shared goals for effective service delivery throughout the disaster cycle.

We will work together to each undertake specific projects that help achieve those goals.

We commit to maintaining and adhering to policies or plans for committing resources to meet the needs of people affected by disaster without discrimination regarding race, creed, gender, or age.

We commit to having a representative for at least two-thirds of the scheduled General Membership and Special General Membership Meetings.

We commit to sending knowledgeable representatives to TGCRVOAD meetings who understand our resources and services and can commit our organization’s resources to support a TGCRVOAD initiative.

We have adopted a formal, written, non-discrimination policy.

We support the committees and work groups and will have at least one representative serve on a workgroup or committee each year.

We acknowledge to be in good standing and be eligible to vote we must:

  • pay our dues;
  • have current information in our organization’s Membership Directory listing so that we can collaborate and coordinate with other Members and Partners;
  • have an Alert Media account so that we can communicate with other Members and Partners;
  • have a Primary Representative designated in the Membership Directory so that our organization is represented at TGCRVOAD meetings; and
  • have a signed Consensus of Engagement on file with the Secretary.

Forward your signed Consensus of Agreement to [email protected].