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Texas Gulf Coast Regional Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (TGCRVOAD) brings together organizations active in disaster assistance to foster cooperation and coordination in mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Our members and partners include:

  • Disaster service and emergency management agencies.
  • Houses of worship.
  • Faith-based and secular organizations.
  • Public and private groups.
  • Non-profit and for-profit companies.

TGCRVOAD members and partner organizations serve on committees and workgroups that address disaster-related issues, develop programs to improve services throughout the disaster cycle, and create an environment for cooperation. Through our committees and workgroups, TGCRVOAD:

  • ensures that every community has a voice and can provide input on how community resources flow,
  • helps improve our members’ and partners’ disaster readiness,
  • helps our organizations identify new communities to serve throughout the Gulf Coast region
  • provides an opportunity to network and participate in community groups that leverage member and partner resources to address common issues,
  • share best practices for relief, recovery, and resiliency, and
  • access resources and training.

All members of TGCRVOAD have a vote on TGCRVOAD business items.

If you are interested in joining the movement and making an impactful contribution to your community and the communities around you, consider joining the TGCRVOAD using the link below.