AlertMedia Accounts for TCGRVOAD

Each registered VOAD Member and Partner Organization in good standing is eligible to sign up for two AlertMedia accounts. AlertMedia is one of the foundations of the TGCRVOAD disaster response communication plan for sharing information and situational awareness and driving collaboration during a disaster response. Alert Media-driven messages include emails, voice mails, text messages, polls, and application alerts. Our messages will inform you and build awareness of what potential threats we are tracking, our response plans, our response coordination plans, and our conference call schedule as we move through the TGCRVOAD.

Activation Levels:

How to Apply for an Alert Media Account.

  1. Complete the Alert Media application. Click Here for AlertMedia Enrollment
  2. Download the Alert Media App (IOS or Android).
  3. Receive an invitation (the next business day) to set your password and register your account.
  4. Register your account. (Follow the instructions in the email.)
  5. Receive an invitation to an online training session.
  6. Attend an Alert Media training event. (Schedules are shared with Alert Media license holders.

    Questions? Contact [email protected]